" Blessed are the Brood Mares"
FischerFarm has taken much thought and consideration into our breeding program, bringing in only the BEST of Thoughbred lines, Warmblood movement and than of coarse the Welsh Riding Pony. It has been no mistake that FF has brought knowledge ,passion and determination in the hopes of bringing to the San Diego region a Riding Pony that will be remarkable in every way.
  With this in mind may I have the pleasure of introducing the  Ladys of ther Farm, without them there would be no DREAM...
Here are our first mares we had breed to Evans Judgement.  Mary ( red roan) Hemingway ( dark bay)
I was fortunete enough to have met Laurie Bricker of "Bricker Performance Ponies " she led me to the perfect type of pony mares I was looking for to bred to my young stallion.
This page is under constuction...please visit us again as we have many delightful photos of the rest of the mares...which have also been bred to "Evans Judgement".
Our First foal out of "Fandango" TB Hunter and sired by * Evans Judgement  " .
                  filly, 2 weeks old
                  " ShyAnne", bred to Judgement
                 " Promise" , this reg. Welsh mare is
from Evans Welsh and will be Judgements first FULL Welsh breeding!!

"Evans Judgement" first foal as yearlings. 
                   2008 foals

Sorrel filly...." Quen"
Gray colt... " Little Buck"

"Racheals Rodeo " out of " Mary"
                   2009 foal
                  2009 foal

  "Bella's  Whisle" out of "Hemingway" , hackney pony
"Evans Margot" bred to "Evans Judgement"
Will be looking for to this foal in summer of 2010!