Sire:" Bristol Encore" Welsh Riding Pony

Dam:" Fandango" Thoughbred, bred down from
the renowned " Man of War" lines
2006  Registered 1/2 Welsh Cross Pony Stallion
                   standing at 14h
Fischer Farms' "Uncle Gus"
" Gussy " is showing the type of 1/2 Welsh Cross we are breeding on the Farm. He is of good bone, substance  and wonderful temperament. We are excited to have the Bristol pedigree on "Gus" , which will add a huge plus to our breeding program and will be standing him in the future! 

'Gussy' is going along exceptionaly well for this level of training. 'Gus' is showing intelligence along with good forward movemenet and balence...
                     Fischer Farms 'Uncle Gus'
We are impressed by this young stallion and anticiapte greatness for his future in the show ring and as one of our standing studs...

" Uncle Gussy" 2006  Welsh x TB                   Riding Stallion 14.3 h