Fischer Farm K9's, where our goal is to present to the community of dog lovers the companion , pet dog and the dog that is used for Family protection

Here are the  the other breeds of dogs that are dear enough to my heart to bring into your homes and families. Fischer Farm will have litters of these specialility breeds  occationally. So, if you are interested please contact FF, so we may add you to our "wish lists"

                 Thank you


    The Labradoodle F1B:

 Fischer Farm has taken into consideration the allergy sensitive person, the F1B is the closest to allergy frienly...
the pups are 3/4 Standard poodle and 1/4 Labradoodle.
They are large, happy go lucky dogs and are a welcome addition to  the allergy or any family enviroment. NO puppys expected until late 2010
    The " Spoodle " Dog

This is FischerFarms' own breed, with the allergy sensitive person also in mind...
We have taken the Standard Poodle and crossed with a English Spaniel, thus creating a wonderful, happy medium sized dog that has minamal to a no shed coat, with beautiful soft curls...

A GORGEOUS LITTER OF F1b.... "Sali" has been bred to "Pablo Cruz" our Miniature Poodle
 The Ultimate in K9 Protection  
           Belgian Malinois
 1st Choice in Law Enforcement
Fischer Farm is now showing our
"Rex Lugar", out of the JoeFarm line at AKC sanctioned shows and the dog has promise in the conformation ring along with being well mannered at the Dog Shows. We have been impressed by
this young dogs DRIVE and natural sentry ability.
  Fischer Farm will be offering  "Lugar" for stud in the future,  if you are interested in the MALINOIS please contact Fischer Farm and we will discuss your breeding needs.

We are very excited about this litter, it represents a second gerneration of breeding the Standard Poodle to our Spaniels...This litter will resemble more of the Spaniel with that beautiful soft curly coat!!

" Sali"  1st Generation Spoodle
        Dam of the litter
     " Master Joseph"  
  English Field Spaniel  

       Sire of the litter

          " Sali"
     " Pekes"  puppies
Male pup at 6 months...
We are expecting a litter  towards the beginning of September 2009!!  This is a absolutly darling cross with the Pekingese and Maltese dog.
The litter has been born ...6 black pups with white paws and chest!! WOW...pictures coming soon

We have breed our girls for  another exclusive litter of the" 'Cavachon' dog . Pups will be arriving sometime mid January, which will bring us puppys' for early SPRING of 2010 This is the lovely cross with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise dog.

             " Phoebe"
 Our Standard Poodle is the foundation of all our "Spoodles" & "Labradoodles". She has brought her amazing Poodle traits to these delightful crosses. "Phoebe" is a working / sporting Standard Poodle and remains very active!!

 Phoebe and her "Spoodle" daughter  
          " Sally"

                "Cavachon" puppies
Check out our NEW page...Cavachons at Fischer Farm!!!

The "Malti-Poo"....Everbodies favorite Little Dog
Again we have taken the opportunity to cross the poodle dog with the maltese for the allergy friendly /no shed coat.
This cross is PERFECT for the allergy sensitive adult of child...

           Puppies avaliable...ready for their new homes  4/10
                                     2 males
'Dior Dog,' our AKC registered Maltese stud...6#'s

​Our Fabulous pup "Ted E. Baer"
future stud for our "Spoodle" line
​Ted is showing what "Fischer Farm" is consistantly producing in our stock
Please check back with us from time to time.......this site is being updated, as of Spring of 2013 !! We have many new photos of our young stock and pups that are now full grown. 
I am very excited to bring the latest version of our original "Spoodle" and NEW "Mini-Doodle" dog to North County San Diego !!

One of 'Sali" daughters'..TRUE "Spoodle"
***We will be presenting our FIRST litter of the PUREBRED Havanese dog....

   Pups will expected early summer !!

***MORE Cavachon, Cavanese expected in the FALL

***"Spoodles" & Mini "Doodles" FOR Christmas !!

Please check in and get on our waiting list and join in all the excitment here at "Fischer Farm" !