Cavachons' at Fischer Farm

  We are VERY excited to bring to North County San Diego the delightful, Hybrid dog known as the 'Cavachon'. This is wonderful cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise dog.
  This cross produces a allergy friendly / no shed coat and has become known as a great FAMILY dog who loves children of all ages and does well in almost any environment.
   This will be our second litter and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring these lovely pets into your homes...

      Here we have "Dude" ,the Bichon Frise part of the 'Cavachon'..."Dude" is a very petite, sturdy, happy guy who comes to visit our girls once or twice a year. We are fortunate to have such a great opportunity!!! He is a lovely example of the ' Bichon Frise'.

Keanytons " Lady Jillian" was our first choice dam for our Cavachons... We have taken much consideration on temperament and body type for our litters. 
We have now chosen our " Keanytons Little Begonia" to be our next dam for our 'Cavachons '...we are expecting her first litter toward the end of January 2010. That will get pups to their new homes first part of April, just in time for the SPRING!!!
Photo shoot of the Honeymoon couple
 If you are interested in the 'Cavachon' ... please do not hesitate to let us know , as we do have a waiting list started from last year!! We are all excited and cannot wait to see what "Begonias" litter looks like!!
I had the opportunity to have one of the kids last, summer for a stay over....this is what a adult Cavachon looks like!! I think this little guy takes after his Dad, the Bichon Frise. Each puppy is unique in their looks as this is a cross.

Here is our litter...WOW !! We had all white and buffs this time around!!    "Begonia" & "Dude" are proud parents, almost all the pups have found their forever homes...there are 3 males left
to choose from!
Every picture tells a story and there are volumns written here on our Farm...
 The children have a exceptional time socializing with the puppy's and then of course comes "PUPPY LOVE"...a gift the
'Cavachon' is eager to give!!!
We are extremely happy to be able to offer our community of dog lovers the opportunity to own one of our "Cavachon" puppy's, we are also excited to be able to share our latest cross , the "Cavanese" .
This cross with the Maltese and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel produces  a similar dog...may have silkier coats than the Cavachon.
The Bichon Maltais was perhaps used in creating the Bichon dogs we have today, still the "Happy go Lucky" temperament, size and gorgeous coat we love in the Cavachon.

These photos are from our last litter of "Cavanese"... 
"Dior Dog", our AKC registered Maltese and sire to our Cavanese puppies.
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For more information on our Cavachon and Cavanese puppies and dogs , available litters or opportunity to get on one of our waiting lists please contact us:

Farm : (760) 630-8377
cell : (760) 470-9914

website :

Total Bliss... PRICELESS  !!
 "DLG"  and her brood....
"Daddy's  Little Girl" is our UKC registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  and dam to the litter.

Here is one of our 2013 Cavanese picture speaks volumnes
​on the quality that is being produced from this fabulous cross !! 

Some precious pictures of our adult 
Cavanese cute with a soft wave to the coat !

I wanted to share with you a few of the many photos I have taken over the years of our Happy Families who have adopted the puppies ...every picture tells a story !

It has been such a great pleasure  over the years to have the opportunity to meet so many fabulous  folks and families that come to "Fischer Farm" to adopt their Cavachon or Cavanese pups, they have sometimes waited a long time and searched for the PERFECT dog ......I am so pleased to be able to be apart & share so much "LOVE" !!